Parts of Brush Heads

      We, at KANSEIDO Co.,Ltd., are the manufacturers of a variety of Brush Heads, including Cosmetic, Painting, Writing, and Dental Brush Heads. As a worldwide distributing company, we also assemble parts for brush handles and individual ready-made brush heads to meet our customers’ desires.

      Our company pays extreme attention to the production processes, starting with a strict selection of raw materials—which were carefully selected using a quality audit system. In the production process, we delicately focus on the quality and shape of each product in order to produce the quality brush heads that our customers deserve.

     Furthermore, we also give advice and design new brush heads to satisfy our costumers. Our willingness to cooperate with our partners and costumers has gained us multiple production companies throughout the globe.
     Brushes from KANSEIDO Co., Ltd. are manufactured by a skillful and experienced production team—we select top quality fibers and ferrules and assemble exquisite brushes that meet your expectations. If you are interested in our products, you may contact us via email. We look forward to working with you.