Parts of Brush Heads

1. Policies

  - Intend to select good quality materials using ancient techniques as the base to manufacture brushes.
  - Intend to support customers' requirement promptly.

2. Ordering

  - For sample products, the real expenses have to be paid.

- For product ordering, the price setting is based on the cost of products and agreement making with buyers.

3. Price

  - All products will be charged only the sale price of products, FOB (FREE ON BOARD)

- If buyers need C&F or CIF sale prices, the buyers' requirement can be informed to the company.

  - In cases where there is an increase in the prices of raw materials and transportation , the new prices will be informed by the company.

4. The Length of Manufacturing

  - The length of manufacturing can be set after making consultation and agreement on conditions with buyers.

5. Payment

  - 30 % deposit have to be paid when products are ordered, and the remainder have to be paid before delivery.

- The payments can be made by opening L/C wi th banks or by transferring the payment into our company bank account Additionally, the company should inform us about the payment as a confirmation.

  - Account Name         KANSEIDO CO.,LTD
  - Account Number      xxx-x-xxxxx-x
                                   (LAMPHUN) BRANCH
  - Address                    8/51 CHAROENRAT RD. A.MUANG, LAMPHUN 51000 THAILAND

6. Warranty

  - In case of damages or defects, as a result of the company's mistake in production processes or transportation, the company should be informed within 7 days after receiving the products. However, if the company has not been informed within appointed time, the company will not be responsible.
  - For products that have to be returned to the company for repair or replacement due to the company's mistake, customers should inform the company in advance.
  - For customers who need to return damaged or defected products, please contact us by fax, E-mail, or telephone.

7. Cancellation

  - If cancellation is within 7 days after ordering, customers are responsible for expenses such as the real price of special specification parts.
  - If cancellation is within 7-14 days after ordering, customers are responsible for 25 % of the expenses.
  - If cancellation is within 14-21 days after ordering, customers are responsible for 50 % of the expenses.
  - If cancellation is within 21-30 days after ordering, customers are responsible for 75 % of the expenses.
  - If cancellation is after the period mentioned above, customers have to be responsible for all expenses.
  - However, the rate may vary depending on negotiation.